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“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step” – Confucius
If you are interested in joining PAAIA NexGen, please take the first step and become a member! The PAAIA NexGen membership is FREE and by becoming a member you will get a wealth of benefits including but not limited to:
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-Opportunities to get involved both locally and nationally

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – President John F. Kennedy”

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PAAIA NexGen relies on the generosity of countless Iranian Americans that believe nothing is more important than making the future of our community brighter and more prosperous. This requires investing in the next generation today by fostering young leaders and supporting engagements that directly benefit them both personally as well as professionally. If you feel strongly about the prosperity of the next generation of Iranian-Americans please make a donation. Your donation, no matter how large the amount and/or the frequency, is a living testament to our community’s yearning for a better future for our children, whereby Iranian Americans are collectively successful as a community.


Given NexGen’s dedication to building and supporting an influential, national network of Iranian-American youth, we believe that forging partnerships with like-minded and visionary organizations is essential for a successful future. NexGen is eager to collaborate with passionate and engaged institutions that will enhance our capacity to identify opportunities for our community and stimulate ideas for national growth.We encourage all potential partners to contact us and share their visions on how we can support each other in enhancing and strengthening the Iranian Americans community. If you support our endeavors and wish to collaborate with NexGen either locally or nationally, please contact us with your proposal as well as a brief summary of your organization.