Mentorship Program


The PAAIA Mentorship Program represents one of PAAIA’s core tenets – to invest in the next generation by capitalizing on our top assets, our community and our professional leaders.  Many young adults taking the first steps in their professional careers do not have access to industry leaders and the requisite guidance to help them make the best decisions. Recognizing this need, in spring 2010, PAAIA launched the Mentorship Program, which matches and connects young mentees with experienced mentors for a dialogue around how best to identify, pursue and capitalize on professional goals and their careers.

The program, which is open to PAAIA members for free, provides the next generation with access to industry leaders across the nation. The all-volunteer PAAIA mentors are among some of the most notable and accomplished members of the community. The mentees go through a structured application process that ultimately matches them with the most suitable mentor.

Please complete and submit the 2016 Mentorship Program application. Join us and thrive! 


  • July 1, 2016 — Application window opens- Applications due via email to
  • August 21, 2016 — Application window closes
  • September 12, 2016 — Mentees receive mentor assignments
  • September 13, 2016 – June 1, 2017 — Mentorship term
  • June 15, 2017 — Deadline to submit project


  • Offer Mentees an opportunity to network and gain access to valuable professional experience
  • Provide Mentees with information that will positively impact their professional and personal life
  • Provide Mentees with access to resources that will increase their career opportunities
  • Provide Mentors with the opportunity to give back to the younger generation and the community’s in which they reside
  • Encourage collaboration and establish a rapport between Mentors and Mentees
  • Promote solidarity and interaction within the Iranian American community
  • Create long-lasting relationships between participants and PAAIA



Mentees are required to:

  • Be an Iranian American
  • Be U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or legal visa holders
  • Have completed and submitted the PAAIA Mentorship Application Form online along with their resume to

Selection will be based on the contents of application form. The criteria for selection will focus on the following:

  • Level of Commitment
  • Candidate Potential
  • Background in field of interest

Mentorship Framework

  • Each mentor and mentee will have at least one hour of active face-to-face or telephonic conversation every month.
  • The mentor will define, in collaboration with the mentee, the goal for the mentorship experience.
  • The mentor will provide guidance in relation to the mentee’s needs and ambitions.

The Relationship between Mentors and Mentees
The Mentorship Program is intended to foster a sense of partnership based on communication and trust. The relationship between Mentor and Mentee should be a non-judgmental relationship operating within agreed boundaries of confidentiality and timeframe. Lastly, the relationship should offer all participants a way to get and stay involved with PAAIA and the Iranian American community at large. The relationship should not be construed as a job-finding opportunity. Mentors are simply asked to provide their wisdom and experience to enable mentees to progress in their academic or career paths. Mentees should be mindful of a mentor’s time and should not expect the mentor to continue the mentoring relationship any further than the mentorship period.

We encourage both the Mentors and the Mentees to keep a log of their meetings. At the end of the program, we will ask both Mentors and Mentees to share the highlights of their experience with us to help us improve and adjust the PAAIA Mentorship Program. Any information shared with PAAIA will be treated as strictly confidential; we expect the Mentors and Mentees to respect the same honor code in the process. With the participants’ permission, PAAIA will portray and publish feature stories in our newsletter and website regarding the program.


What is the PAAIA Mentorship Program?

The PAAIA Mentorship Program represents one of PAAIA’s core tenets – to invest in the new generation of Iranian Americans by capitalizing on our top assets: our community and professional leaders. Many young adults, completing their college education and/or taking the first steps in their professional careers, do not have access to the experience and counsel that is necessary in making appropriate career decisions. Recognizing this need, in spring 2010, PAAIA launched the Mentorship Program, which matches and connects young Mentees with experienced Mentors for a dialogue around how to identify and pursue their desired career and professional goals.

Who is eligible to apply to become a Mentee?

The Mentorship Program is open to all college juniors and seniors for free and gives the younger generation access to industry leaders across the nation. Some younger college students and advanced degree students who could benefit from mentorship may also be considered. Mentees will be matched with the most appropriate Mentor. Mentees must be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or a legal visa holder. Mentees are selected through an application process and are matched with a Mentor for one-on-one meetings.

Am I guaranteed a spot just by applying?

The Mentorship Program is done through competitive selection. While we will do our best to match the most qualified candidates with Mentors, we cannot guarantee a match for everyone. As a result, some applicants may not be able to participate in the program. However, we encourage you continue to try again during the next mentorship cycle.

Are there any fees?

No. The program is free and PAAIA does not reimburse any expenses.